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Dent welcomes Hakutsuru Sake of America, Inc.

Updated: May 10, 2020

We're honored to welcome Hakutsuru Sake of America, Inc. as a Social Media client.

Hakutsuru, a revered brand of sake in Japan, is also the world's most popular sake. One of the things we love about this opportunity to work with Hakutsuru is how it is constantly innovating. Whether it is developing a unique rice specifically for sake or researching new water sources, Hakutsuru constantly takes the best of its 277 years of experience to new levels for sake lovers worldwide.

In the US, Hakutsuru is currently enjoyed primarily by knowledgable foodies and Japanese restaurant goers. The assignment now is to help expand the consumer base, starting in Social Media. Work begins immediately. Cracking open a cold bottle of Sayuri Nigori now!

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