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Dent provides integrated advertising* solutions that help people find, like and fall in love with brands. 


In this highly competitive, algorithm-driven, content-saturated world, it can be a challenge to get your brand or products discovered. Whether folks are simply going about their daily lives, or actively trying to fill a need, we make your brand and products easy to find.


We all have needs and desires. And while we're not always actively looking for solutions, we actually are always looking - consciously or not. Our internal search function is always turned on. So, the easier it is too "find" those solutions, the better. Besides, people would rather find or discover than be sold. As the saying goes, "No yelling, no telling and no selling." When someone feels as though they found a solution on their own it is empowering and rewarding. 


It’s fundamental, intuitive and proven; people do business with those they like. From design to copy, audio to visual, look to feel, personality and behavior, we help make brands likable, because liking a brand is a prerequisite to taking action. So, to purchase, they need to like you. Have to like you. Of course, that's not the end of the story. Like precedes love. And love is the hallmark of the most profitable brands on earth. But like comes first.


It starts with the first kiss and culminates with wearing tee-shirt. Getting that first kiss is fairly easy. But getting them to wear your tee-shirt featuring your brand? That, is a challenge. Sure, they'll take the free tee, but wearing it outside where friends, family, colleagues and strangers will see them flying your colors and promoting your brand? In public, with pride? Not so easy. 

That's a challenge and that's our goal. To help build brands that are so well-loved that your target audience is anxious to wear your tee-shirts, loudly and proudly.

To quote an article by Rebecca Brooks in Forbes, “Consumers understand that what they buy says something about themselves, and they use purchases to tell their 'story.' ...they want to feel a connection to what they are buying and show their peers/social networks how their purchases contribute to their identity.”  

So, who is wearing your brand’s tee-shirt? If the answer is, “The sales team,” or “My S.O. At home. Pajamas,” maybe we talk. Our goal is that someday you will be wearing one of our tees, too.

OK, you found us. At this point we're hoping you like us, if only a little bit. ;)

What’s with the asterisk?

*Everything a brand does is advertising.

Lee Clow said it. So did Steve Jobs. They’re pretty smart guys. We won’t argue.

The Work

A few of the dents we’ve made.


 What we can do for you.

This is probably a good place to mention that we don't believe in cookie-cutter processes.

You are unique. Your brand is unique. One size does not fit all. Cookie-cutter processes result in cookie-cutter solutions. With the accelerating rate of changes for consumers and business, how can yesterday's processes and solutions fit today's challenges? (They can't.)



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