Why did we start an agency?

October 23, 2014

One should have a good reason for starting a new ad agency. After all, is the market really clamoring for more ad agencies? 

No, it's not.

For those who asked, we sort of avoided the truth because it sounded self-serving. But a recent reading of John Burroughs' article in Agencypost.com reminded me that the reasons we started this agency were actually damn good, so why to hide it? Quoting John:

"We started an agency for a number of different reasons, not the least of which was a desire for freedom as it pertains to time, finances, and authority."

While that sounded like sloth, greed and pride to us before, it really wasn't, and concern about how it sounded was unfounded. Besides, the truth is always good. Here's our truth.


Well into the 21st Century it should be obvious that having to appear in the office on a set schedule for appearance's sake is counter-productive and counter-creative. Freedom is a foundation for happy, productive people, and creative thinking, so why force industrial-age rules in the digital age? 


Should a client's money be spent on NYC-housed, upper-management salaries, bonuses and perks, or should it go to the people who actually contribute to the client's business by doing real work? Dumb question, right?


Those closest to the clients should be the ones leading the agency teams. If you're not meeting with the clients and living their businesses every day, then you shouldn't be calling the shots. 

We started Dent because these things mattered. Thanks Mr. Burroughs for waking us up and giving us permission to tell the truth. (That felt good.)








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