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GOT A BUNCH OF AWARDS for new ad campaign for an old university. KICKED THE PANTS OFF a global agency by getting 1,015.3% SITE TRAFFIC GROWTH with the same budget. NOT HARD when you drop the CPM 94.0%. DOUBLED SUMMER PROGRAM ENROLLMENT 2 years in a row for the largest university system in the world. CUT DIGITAL CPM 91.7% FOR $BILLION+ CPG client previously using a big (make that HUGE), global agency. GREW SOCIAL FOLLOWING 106x IN 10 MONTHS for a $BILLION+ CPG client after taking over from a big (again, make that HUGE) global agency. (And no, we didn't buy followers. Never have. Never will.) CUT DIGITAL CPC 80.6% for CPG client, resulting in a 5.1x WEBSITE VISITATION rate increase. AVERAGED 180% YEAR-OVER-YEAR GROWTH FOR 5 YEARS via an integrated social/experiential/promotion campaign for a $billion+ global CPG client. Drove year-on-year ORGANIC SEARCH traffic +376% with a new website for a very large university. Optimized advertising and enhanced website content growing  year-on-year website CONVERSION RATES +93% for a higher-ed client. Made a marketing director at a large B2B client LOOK AWESOME at her new job with a BRANDING assignment. Then helped that same client LOOK AWESOMER at her next job by winning the top experiential marketing award for her annual consumer event. Revised channels and optimized a university's advertising media mix enabling it to CUT ADVERTISING COSTS over 60% while growing applications and enrollment. Helped DOUBLE ENROLLMENT and graduates for one of the largest universities in the world - efficiently, at continually lower costs. AND MUCH MORE we can't remember right now.

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award-winning advertising, alumni magazines, analytics, award-winning animation, award-winning art installations, artist/designer collaborations, brand ambassador hiring & training, branding, brand personas, brand platforms, brand videos, award-winning brochures, carousel ads, a cherry blossom trellis, content, content management systems, corporate identity, CRM integrations, crossword puzzles, design, digital advertising, food trucks, ethnographic research, events, fashion design, EV parking design, fashion collaborations, holiday cards, IDI's, influencer marketing campaigns, in-store media, logo designs, mall decorating, media buying, media planning, mobile advertising, mobile sampling vehicles, mobile web sites, murals, online video ads, optimization, origami, organic search, origami butterflies, outdoor advertising, packaging (food & appliances), paid search, posters, PPC, print ads, public relations campaigns, qualitative research, quantitative research, radio spots, reefer sales kits, refrigerated experiential sampling vehicle (custom fabrication - first ever), sales videos, sampling tours, sampling vehicles, self shippers, shelf talkers, shopping center exterior barrier designs, social media advertising, social media management, strategy, swag, sweepstakes, tee-shirts!, tenugui, testimonial videos, thank-you cards, trade show booths, trucker caps, TV spots, UX/UI, vehicle wraps, video brochures, viewbooks, website hosting & administration, website development…



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