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Interested in joining this band of misfits?

Insatiable curiosity? Foodie looking to work with what you love? Love social media? Mom or dad who needs to work from home? Influencer ready to put those skills to work for brands? Digital nomad? We’re always looking to enhance our crew with smart, creative, and passionate folks who love making dents. 

From our humble start in 2012, Dent has been committed to reducing emissions via our telecommuting policy, which is: we encourage you NOT to come to the office. We don’t care if you work from home or Hopi Hari, just don’t come into the office, unless you really want to, of course. Kapeesh?


BTW, this policy started on Day 1, not during Pandemic. We are LA-based. We get it. Commuting sucks.

Looking Forward to Hearing From You
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